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LanJava offers service, support and sales in the following areas:

         Desktops, Laptops, Workstations and Servers from entry-level to high-end. All custom built by LanJava (with exception of some laptops) using quality Intel components and 3 year warranty as always.

         Network Design, Network Attached Storage, Wireless, Surveillance, Printers, and Others

         Home Theater PCs and Entertainment Systems including complete Home Theater rooms

         Webhosting, Email service, e-commerce, Domain Registration

         Managed IT support both on-site and Remotely, Contracted or as needed


2014 Rates (Unless Contracted):

Labor: Onsite: $120/hour Remote: $80/hour In Shop: $60/hour ($180 Max Labor)

Web Hosting: Hosting w/Registration: $150/year Registration w/DNS Hosting: $15/year


Need immediate assistance but you don't already have a service contract with us?

Click on one of the following links to begin a remote assistance session.


LanJava Quick Support (One time session)


LanJava Remote Support (Full time host)



Looking for a service contract? Everything is negotiable, and every customer has different requirements. So please check with us to plan out a specific offering.

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